Hierarchical Brain

An explanation of the human brain

First published 1st February 2024. This is version 1.5 published 2nd March 2024.
Three pages are not yet published: sleep, memory and an index.
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Warning - the conclusions of this website may be disturbing for some people without a stable mental disposition or with a religious conviction.


This set of web pages is my attempt at a hierarchical explanation of how the human brain works using seven levels of description. I aim to show how the lower levels explain the processing of data in my brain, how the intermediate levels create and maintain representative symbols that together form a model of my world, including of my body and my brain itself, and how the higher levels explain the inner experiences that I have of, for example, attention, emotion, free will and consciousness.

This set of pages also has a hierarchical structure: this page is a very high-level overview, more details are given in the introduction, and the summary provides a description of the seven levels with links to the detailed pages that include references to various authoritative sources.

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