Hierarchical Brain

An explanation of the human brain

First published 1st February 2024. This is version 1.5 published 2nd March 2024.
Three pages are not yet published: sleep, memory and an index.
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Warning - the conclusions of this website may be disturbing for some people without a stable mental disposition or with a religious conviction.


This is a one-page summary of my attempt at a coherent explanation of the working of the human brain. As described in the introduction, it is based on seven hierarchical levels of description of functionality within the brain. The table below is a summary of the levels; more details on each level can be seen lower down this page. A simple summary intended for children or for those learning English is also available.

The structure of this website is also hierarchical, so clicking on any link that goes to another page will give many more details, including examples and links to relevant articles, books and scientific research; I have deliberately not put any references or external links on this page.

The seven levels

Level 1 - Physical constituents and their capabilities

Levels 2 to 5 - Afferent processing of data

Level 2 - Memory-enhanced coincidence detection and lateral inhibition

Level 3 - Abstraction and prediction-enhanced selection

Level 4 - Symbol schemas and the connections between them

Level 5 - A model of my world

Level 6 - High-level functions that depend on symbol schemas and the connections between them

Brain-wide functions that operate at different levels

Level 7 - Consciousness, feelings, thought and free will


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