Hierarchical Brain

An explanation of the human brain

First published 1st February 2024. This is version 1.5 published 2nd March 2024.
Three pages are not yet published: sleep, memory and an index.
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Warning - the conclusions of this website may be disturbing for some people without a stable mental disposition or with a religious conviction.

What’s new

This is a summary of ideas and terms that I have proposed on this Hierarchical Brain website that I think are new. My original intention in creating this website was to try to write an explanation in my own words of the workings of the brain based on my reading of books, magazines and scientific papers over a number of years. It was not my intention to create any new terms or definitions or come up with any new ideas, but I found that it was necessary in a number of areas.

My ideas could be wrong or may not agree with evidence that I am not aware of, or the ideas or names may not be new and I haven’t come across them in my reading and research. For more details, please click on the relevant links below.

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